Welcome to Blue Hill Technologies that focuses on pushing the boundaries of user-centric design, developing engaging front end interfaces and building meaningful, business-empowering technology.

Small Talk

What makes us a little different is that we are crazy about both design and technology, striving to deliver excellence in both areas; believing that a successful digital experience must be born out of both disciplines.

Blue Hill Technologies invests a significant amount of time upfront, getting to know our clients and their business, wanting your end product to be on-brief and deliver according to expectations.

Digging Deeper

As a general rule, we kick-off with an in-depth analysis of your brand and business goals, digging deep so that we unravel what makes you tick, and how our collaboration can effectively elevate your positioning. This includes competitor analysis and online research to determine how your peers are behaving.

We then map the user journeys according to your target audiences and propose a wire-frame layout that shapes the desired experience. Only then do we colour-in pixels and craft a superb creative layer!

Once the design is signed off by you, we build your website or application using the industry's most suitable, best of breed technology.

Boxes Ticked

Strategy & Planning

+ Digital strategy
+ Concept development
+ Creative direction
+ Technical architecture
+ Content development
+ Tracking & reporting
+ Ruminating in the bath…


+ Digital branding
+ User experience
+ Art direction
+ Information architecture
+ Graphic design
+ Illustration
+ Walking the dogs in the park


+ Web development
+ Online applications
+ E commerce development
+ Mobile app development
+ Riding bicycles


+ Identity development
+ Visibility Planning
+ Brand engagement
+ Swimming between two lines

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