We also make bio-toilets. And thus we have a great opportunity as well as responsibility in implementing sustainable, safe and hygienic sanitation solutions as well as imparting behavioural training for acceptance of the same. We believe that as a company, we should do more than just the usual business. Our product is called "Ecopal" It is not only us who have been implementing CSR activities with Ecopal, but we have been helping many organisations in the implementation of their CSR projects through our product.

You can know more about ECOPAL and our commitment towards a clean and hygienic sanitation solution at our website



Kolkata Police Project

We had installed ECOPAL bio-toilets for the use of Kolkata Traffic Police at all key Durga Puja Pandals.

Post pujo, these toilets were installed at key intersection in the city to be used by the Kolkata traffic police.

Kumartoli CSR Project

EcoPal biotoilets, sanitsation tunnels, hand washing stations were installed at Kumartoli, to provide safe and hygienic sanitation and sanitisation solution to the artisans from Kumartoli, Kolkata.